• Hinsdale Central High School Alma Mater Challenge!!!!

    You’ve been nominated…..


    The rules are easy:

    1. You have 1 week to complete this challenge

    2. Record an audio file of your rendition of the song and email it to sphillip@hinsdale86.org (this is easy, you can use your phone or your computer to record an audio file and then attach it to an email) Your group’s rendition of the Alma Mater will be played the following week prior to announcements

    3. Make sure to identify your group at the beginning or end of the song – we need to know who you are!

    4. Challenge a new team, club, class, department, or group to take on this challenge on the audio clip at the end of your singing– they have the same rules

    5. Finally, forward these instructions to the group you are challenging! 



    If you so choose to take on a BONUS for this challenge, create a video of your group singing the Alma Mater and send it to sphillip@hinsdale86.org  we will put it on twitter and the website!

    Our Goal: to have the entire school able to sing the Alma Mater by the end of 1st semester.  We are going to do a challenge with the entire school at the winter Pep Rally.

    Instrumental Audio File of the the Alma Mater

    Lyrics to the Alma Mater